Windows users who’ve long coveted Sinevibes’ excellent range of Mac plugins can now rejoice, as every single one of them now runs on the PC, too.

These come in AAX and VST3 formats and require a 64-bit computer running Windows 8.1 or later. As well as being available to new customers, existing users can also download them free of charge, which could be good news if you happen to flirt with both the Apple and Microsoft operating systems.

Speaking of existing users, it’s also worth noting that all the plugins have been given a small update, meaning new preset tools functionality, an improved macOS package installer and other subtle enhancements.

The full list of Sinevibes plugins is as follows:

Albedo granular reverb
Blend v2 multi-voice chorus
Corrosion v2 multi-algorithm distortion
Dipole v2 through-zero flanger
Dispersion v2 bouncing-ball delay
Droplet v2 raindrop delay
Eternal v2 barber-pole flanger
Luminance v2 shimmer reverb
Whirl v2 barber-pole phaser
Rerun v2 self-randomising repeater

Each plugin costs $29, and you can also buy the whole lot in a bundle for $229, saving you 31%. Find out more on the Sinevibes website.

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