Guest Mix


 Your mix could potentially be heard by fans old and new, promoters, record labels and even club owners.

If the answer is yes then we have made a system where it’s easier than ever to get your sound heard on live radio.

It is important to get these correct to ensure we can suitably broadcast your mix.

If any of the steps are not followed we won’t be able to use your mix for airing.

We appreciate your cooperation in this, but if you have any problems please contact the team and we will be happy to help where we can.

Make sure your mix is 1hr or 2hrs long exactly. We know it’s hard to get your mix exactly on time when mixing so we would suggest using free tools like Audacity to cut and make your mix within the time.

We accept music genres as following: EDM, Nu-Rave, Deep-House, Trance, Progressive-House, Tech-House or the best music from Top40. 

Make sure that when invited to send your original file it is in an MP3 format, Wavs and flacs are too big a file for our broadcasting.

Make sure you TAG your original MP3 file with your DJ name, Show name & genre.

When invited to do so we suggest sending your MP3 file via wetransfer, dropbox or google drive. Many of these are free to use and make life much easier to get your files.

After you have sent the mix, you will be notified by email when it will be aired on the radio and the official information about the mix will appear on the page Scheduled Guest Mixes